A realistic valuation

Most sellers do not want their egos massaged by over inflated valuations and unrealistic expectations. They want good advice on what they can reasonably achieve. We will ALWAYS give you an 'evidence based valuation' showing you what you can expect your property sale to achieve. However, valuing a house is an art, not a science and beauty is, as the saying goes, in the eye of the beholder.

It is down to our creative marketing to help people understand the value of a house to them and how they can fit their lives into those walls - once they see that, they can fall in love, easily! Everything we do is about helping people achieve this objective.

Our Database of buyers

With over 550 buyers on our database at any given time we are proud to show we look after these buyers by regularly being in touch to talk to them about properties. We even get people telling us we are the ONLY people that keep in touch with them ...

Stephen W said ... Thank you for this property and for all the other mailings/updates. May I say that you are the ONLY agents who maintain such a steady stream of information to prospective purchasers! Thank you.

Help you buy your new home

Our service doesn't stop with just selling your house. Part of our standard level of service, to all our clients, is to ensure you buy the right house moving forward ... we can help you with everything from finding the right house, advising what it is worth, what you should offer and how to go about that, to getting it surveyed, finding the right lawyer and sorting out removals. We like to build long term relationships with our clients so we will also advise on what you could do to improve your onwards purchase too, we know you will want to sell that one, one day too. We want you to maximise what you can take away from it. This service is exclusively available to our clients.


First impressions count and it takes under 7 seconds to form that first impression. The right photographs will be the cornerstone of any marketing campaign, get these wrong and you’ll stop a large number of buyers seeing what your house really has to offer – you only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s why we always take high quality professional photographs.


Floorplans are another way to help buyers visualise how the space will work for them, it allows them to plan for any changes and understand the flow of a house. We would never put a property on the market without a floorplan.

Using a laser measuring device we accurately measure the entire property, then using state of the art software create the floor plan on-site, including all windows, fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom layouts. We also include the dimensions for each room on the plan itself.


We produce both digital and hard copy brochures to suit a buyer’s preferred format for reading data. We don’t mind how they do this – it’s just important that we make the data good enough that buyers will want to find out more. The sole purpose of the brochure is to encourage people to come and view the house.


We have been creating unique videos of our properties since way back in 2011, because of our in house talent we are market leaders in creating individual videos of properties geared towards helping a buyer understand how they can live in a house. Yes, the video will show off all the best attributes to a house but Victoria also shares her thoughts about the house too.


We always accompany viewings, believing a large part of our job is us selling the benefits of a house and helping a buyer understand how they can live in a space. A buyer is likely to feel more comfortable and able to express any concerns more fully and our trained staff can overcome objections.

Sale Board

A sale board isn’t right for every property but it can be a good way to identify where a house is, we don’t want anyone arriving at a house frustrated because they couldn’t find it! Also, people do drive around and will often call us or research something on the web having seen a For Sale board.


Receive local, regional and international coverage through our website www.victoriajeffs.co.uk as well as other property portals like Rightmove. We also advertise in the Stratford Herald, an award winning local newspaper.

We regularly gain editorial coverage across a variety of regional and national media, and our properties have featured in TV programmes such as Escape to the Country and Location Location Location.

Open House

The Open House concept is an import from Australia and the USA, where they are very popular. They can be an extremely useful tool in getting people to look outside their ‘box’ and what they thought they might buy – how often have you ended up buying something very different from what you first thought?