Everyone’s home is their castle, so to speak, at least it should be. Rarely is a house just a means to an end – it really is the place we ‘lay our hat’ at the end of a busy day and hopefully come home to a warm and welcoming place where we get to live our lives the way we want to.

Now, how we choose to live in a house is different for everyone – some of you will be looking for plenty of open plan living space where the family can gather, do homework, cook, eat, watch tv or hang out whilst playing around on our ipads or tablet device. Others of you will want some quiet and calm space, perhaps somewhere to play your music, read a book, just relax or watch a different tv channel to the rest of the family, away from the hubbub at the heart of the house.

Whatever your requirements of a home, it really is crucial that you make your available space work for you, dress it internally to give you that sense of relaxation and satisfaction when you come home at the end of your day. Yes, it really is good to feel a sense of pride in your home every time you return.

If you love your home, look after it tenderly and with care and attention, not only will it stand you in good stead for the years to come but it will also keep you safe and warm, not to mention go up in value as time goes by.

Do you love your home right now? If not, it might be time to move on and find somewhere you do love.