I get so very tired hearing about agents who will NOT accompany buyers when they view a property. The excuse is, so often, that the owners are best placed to show buyers around their own property, or the owners think they are better placed, than the agents, to show buyers around. This is all so very wrong. Personally, I think it is inexcusable for any agency to let this happen. I can certainly understand why an owner would ask for this, as too many agents will just open the door and suggest you ‘go and take a look for yourself’. Whichever option, it really is such a shame and such a waste of an opportunity. We very firmly believe the owner is NEVER the right person to show their own property, even if they are an expert in sales. Most of the wonderful British public are terribly polite and will frankly tell the owner what they ‘think they want to hear’. Whilst a GOOD agent will always help to fit the buyer into the house. It really isn’t rocket science, but by accompanying viewings and doing them correctly, we really can massively enhance the success of the viewing, helping buyers understand how they can live in the space, overcoming any objections - you will be surprised how many people have discounted a house simply because they need to fit in a key piece of furniture they like, or have inherited. People need to visualise how to live in a space and as we all visualise spaces in very different ways, it makes total sense that we work with buyers to help them see this.