Who could have predicted in December just how busy the start to this year would be? Personally, I’ve given up trying to second guess the market and just trust that so long as we remain proactive and put our special touch on everything then results will follow. Those results have come in their droves in January and February with double the number of viewings and deals agreed from the same period last year– all this before the Spring season kicks in! Now Spring is definitely in the air with warmer temperatures, longer days and some sunshine, also gardens are coming back to life and are suddenly needing more attention. I’m itching to get into my garden and start planning and preparation for replanting some lovely new shrubs this year. Spring also gets us thinking about those jobs we’ve been putting off in the house too – regardless of whether you’re thinking of selling or staying put. But if you do want to get your property sold this year what do you need to do? Do remember some houses can photograph better without too many leaves on trees! A general tidy up in the garden is always sensible and some de cluttering and re-organising can work very well too. We are more than happy to come and give you the wisdom of our opinion on the very best ways to present your property for sale, so why not give us a call and book something in – after all, advice costs nothing.