Now we’ve had a few days with plenty of sunshine it inevitably brightens the spirits and gets my mind thinking about spending more time outside. In fact, just last weekend I was visiting friends and they were working hard in their gardens, clearing out the rubbish and starting to prepare the space ready for Spring. What I love about this time of year is seeing all the bulbs springing out of the ground and the shrubs coming back to life – is it just me or do the gardens seems to be a bit ahead of themselves this year? In reality, the state of our gardens goes a long way to help when a house comes to the market for sale. More often than not a house will sell much better if the gardens are pretty, well planned out and have some sort of shape and form to them – most would call this landscaped but of course there’s more casual landscaping and more formal landscaping.
Whatever your preferred style, just remember, if you are thinking of coming to the market this Spring it may be time to start paying some attention to your gardens and with the Easter period just around the corner this may well be a good chance to get cracking.