Very few homes are sold solely on the attributes of the outdoor space – but many sales could be jeopardised if this area is neglected. Viewing a property should be as pleasurable as possible and every little ‘negative’ viewers find in a property will affect the experience your home provides.

You can be sure the potential vendor will see a poorly maintained garden as an extra ‘job to do’ and add it to their mental pros and cons list. Have too many items on the cons side and you may well have a problem. The feeling outside a property is just as important as the feeling inside and sometimes taking a critical eye to your garden and maintaining it in the same way you do the inside will be crucial in your sale. People don’t have as much time to do gardens as they would always like so a garden that is already well maintained will be an attractive statement for the majority of buyers. Sometimes it won’t take much just to smarten it up – fixing fence panels, mowing a lawn, weeding a patio...the list goes on, but you’d be amazed what a difference it could make.