Selling a house is very definitely not an online shopping exercise, like ‘popping an item’ in a basket and then paying £995 at the checkout. Yes, online is good for browsing and seeing what might take your fancy, it’s even rather good for seeing how you might want your own interiors to look but on every level it really is not the best way to sell a house.

Many of the supposed ‘online’ agents who purport to sell houses, sadly fall down woefully low on delivering anything like reasonable results. What staggers me most is that some people buy into this service. These companies who over promise and then very often deliver nothing is grossly unfair to clients. It makes me wonder who on earth would pay upfront for a service that is proven time and time again to deliver so few results and then, if they do find you a buyer, make no attempt to keep a sale together.

Surely, if the online agents really wanted to compete with traditional estate agents they would be more than happy for their clients to pay on completion of a successful sale only? Selling a house is so much more than just finding the buyer. Please call us to find out why.