It’s great to see people taking the initiative and getting ahead of the crowd, people who know they want to move next year and are keen to take advantage of the volume of buyers still out there. With so many properties having sold recently there is still a very serious shortage of property in the market place. Even those properties that have been around for quite some time are seeing lots of activity and offers are coming in thick and fast and new ones just seem to be flying out the door. So, should you come to the market now or next spring? Well, as is often the case in these situations the forces of ’supply and demand’ kick in and scarcity becomes a factor and ultimately you are likely to sell at a higher price now than when there is more competition around. Does this mean that the market will continue to rise? No of course not, it just means that in this particular season, because of the shortage around and the desire for buyers to find something, prices are stronger than they have been for some time.
But what will happen come the spring season? Well as more property becomes available then prices will stabilise again and buyers are likely to be able to get a bit more for their money than they can right now. So, the moral of the story here, if you want to achieve the best price for your house then you are better off not to procrastinate and make the decision to come to the market before the masses do next spring.