Now life is starting to get back to normal with the children back at school, estate agency life steps up a gear again. The festive season is a great time for families to get together and make plans for the forthcoming year and for some people that means moving house.

There might be a new job in offing, equally an upsize or downsize may well be on the cards but whatever your reason for selling you will surely want to get the very best price the market can pay for your property? Yes, I know you will all be shouting ‘yes’ right now, of course you are! But how do you achieve that?

Well, I know that to get a house ‘sold’ takes very much more than just putting it on the internet and waiting for it to sell, frankly, anyone could do that, indeed that is what many online agents will try and do. With an upfront fee there is NO impetus for the agent to do anything further to sell your home than sign you up and get it on the market. We have heard horror stories of this happening.

Selling a home effectively takes skill and knowledge - knowledge to advise you on the best house price with comparable data to back it up being crucial. Thereafter you need great photos, plans and marketing. Did you know almost 50% of buyers end up buying something totally different to what they initially thought - great agent will have a database of buyers who they will work with to get them to look outside their ‘self imposed’ box. A skilled agent will work hard to negotiate the very best deal, giving all interested parties the opportunity to purchase your home. A skilled agent will check the ‘chain’ of buyers making sure it has the best possible chance to proceed. And finally, a skilled agent will make sure no stone is left unturned is managing that sale through the legal chaos to make sure you get to where you want to go. Need advice, call us now!