It’s here at last, summer has arrived!!! Well, maybe not summer exactly but at least Spring has sprung, the sun is shining and now the clocks are about to change the days will be longer too. Longer daylight hours is a great time for us in the world of selling houses – longer days mean more viewings, more viewings means more offers, more offers means more £££’s and more £££’s means happier clients – a win win all round. We accompany all of our viewings, believing we are the very best people to sell a house, in reality this is about helping a buyer understand how they can best live in the space and how to optimise it for their lifestyle. This surely gives a better result all round, for both buyers and sellers.
As we accompany viewings 24/7 – so to speak, or at least during daylight hours – we have a team of staff available to do viewings at a time to suit both the buyer and sellers. The reality is, for all that has changed over the last 20 years in technological terms, no one will ever buy a house without having walked through the door and fallen in love.