Did you know that properties with a name (as opposed to just a number in a street) tend to sell around 7% higher than a comparable house with no name? But why would that be? Well, there are a variety of reasons that I shall try and explain to you. Firstly, a name gives a house an identity. Those that think of a house as just a number will never see that house in the same way as they would a house with a name, a name tends to denote something more substantial – I don’t just mean larger here but something more tangible, something they can feel more about, and get passionate about. A house with a name also has an aspirational value to it. Many buyers seem to think a house with a name is larger, more expensive and will be worth more in the future. Is it an exact science? No of course it’s not however when you are dealing with peoples dream homes then it will go a long way to help create that dream if it has an identity and a name. However getting a name right is crucial, there are good names and there are bad names. I’ve heard some truly terrible ones in my time and some truly great ones – I won’t mention some of the worst ones I have seen before as it really wouldn’t be fair or appropriate, but if anyone wants advice on giving their house a name please just ask, we’re always happy to help.