An article I read recently stated statistics showing that only 5% of sales with online agents goes through to completion and it has to be worth considering why that is the case! Bearing in mind a client effectively pays up front for the service where exactly is the onus for them to get a house sold? When a client is expected to try and negotiate their own deal, I can tell you now, major alarm bells would be ringing for me and I can tell you now I don’t believe any private individual is the best person to negotiate their own sale. Even those companies who claim to have a ‘real agent looking after your house sale’ fall short of what we as traditional agents would expect a client to receive.
We recently had an offer on a house from someone who had ‘sold’ through an online agency, yet when we attempted to find out more details about the chain situation of their buyers were met with not just unhelpful staff but more importantly with the comments they ‘did not know’ and were not interested to even attempt to give us any detail on the chain of buyers. Not only were they doing their client a huge disservice, how do they expect to compare against buyers who have agents who can share the history and detail within a chain to ensure a sale even has a chance of getting to completion. How shocking to tie people into a contract when they have so little chance of getting where they want to go.