Videos and floor plans are becoming more and more important in the sale of a house. They give another way to visualise a property other than the usual pictures and text. And frankly, helping people to visualise a space is a critical part of what we do. It has in fact been proven that most men find it easier to visualise a property from looking at a floor plan rather than photos, something about the way there brain works makes it easier for them to imagine how they would live in a space from dimensions and layout rather than the way a room really looks, quite practical really. Traditionally women can visualise more readily from the photographs. Neither is right nor wrong, we are all just a little different. Floor plans also give you additional information that you wouldn’t necessarily find that interesting to read such as showing where doorways, windows, hallways etc are situated and where there are different levels in a property. Videos add in another perspective too and often this is a tool that can enhance a person’s ability to understand how space can be used. Add into the mix some commentary that talks about the house in more depth and you have a full and comprehensive package to visualise yourself living in a space. Now doesn’t that sound sensible!