When we value a property, we always value it from a strategic viewpoint. We all know that a house is really about the value a buyer sees in it. Rarely does it have anything to do with what the owners think – wouldn’t it be nice if it did?
When we value a property it is always, what we would call, a ‘research based valuation’, for every house sold, even those that are somewhat unique, there are similarities that we are aware of that enable us to give a figure within a reasonable price range that a house might achieve. Of course, we have to add into the mix a bit of strategic positioning. If we look at the match criteria on the main property search portals like On the Market and Rightmove, then an ideal scenario would be to position a property to be seen by the widest possible audience – thus, marketing properties at odd prices is a very old fashioned approach, rather than choosing a more rounded figure that will be seen by more people which is a strategically sensible thing to do. We know from the property portals that buyers only read the first few pages of their search list and given many of the widespread geographical searches people tend to make this can mean missing out property quite readily. If you’d like some free advice of the value of your home, then please do call us today.