I am fascinated about what interests’ buyers in our modern age and am even more interested in what are the exact factors that make them interested in a specific house. We know location is always king but there are some other factors that are important too.

We know open plan living is becoming more and more popular so a house that has the ability to open up the space or something that is already arranged as such is most popular. This is something both Americans and Australians are very much used to and we are rapidly coming around to realise how social this living space can be.

Also, a house with a wood burning stove or open fire will generally sell about 4% higher than a house without one. It seems we all want something to snuggle around in the winter months. A house with parking can deliver around 11% more value than a house without, and in some cases this can be even more, it will ultimately depend on the location though. A village property with no parking will be a different prospect to a town house with no parking.

A property with a name is estimated to add up to an additional 7% to the value – it can add an important identity to a home and to a buyers relationship with that space. Not every home is suited to a name, but for those that are it will make a difference.

8 out of 10 buyers want a home with a downstairs cloakroom – personally I can’t imagine what’s wrong with the using the stairs but that may have more to do with the fact that I don’t have a downstairs cloakroom.