What can you do with a property that is not deemed to have ‘kerb appeal’? There is much that can be done with this type of property. However, what this classification of property actually is will change from person to person – yes, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.
But back to what you can do . . . again this will vary depending on peoples taste – a classic example is a 1960’s or 1970’s property . . . sometimes these can be considered a bit square and box like and often very bland, which is fine if you have a very modern and contemporary taste in furniture, however, if you’re more of a traditionalist in your style of furniture and decoration then you might be better giving the facade a real facelift – think of this as an opportunity to add some value. Also with many opportunities for change is a bungalow, or single story dwelling – depending on where you come from. Often these can be lacking in features in relation to a two storey building, but again they give great scope to both add more space and provide a new facade with some more interest. If you would like any advice on any potential changes to your property then please do ask, we’re happy to help.