Yes folks, it’s that time of year again when we get lots of bank holidays all just a few weeks apart. I’m looking forward to the long Easter weekend and hoping that the sun will shine – I suspect you are too!
Even though the office does close on a bank holiday, we do continue with viewings right across the weekend, assuming our clients are happy to give us access of course! That and the fact you need to be organised and book them ahead of time. Although I often find Easter Day is a little like Christmas Day in that many people enjoy a family day with wonderful lunches and not to mention the ever popular Easter egg hunt. I hope you enjoy yours this year, if you don’t have one planned, then why not, they are such good fun. From the bumper crop of viewings and sales so far this year many of you both want and need to move house, the challenge still remains that there is just not enough property on the market, now I know I’ve said this before but the proof of the pudding really is in the eating, so to speak. So, if you are considering a sale then please do give us a call, after all, initial advice costs nothing, well, perhaps a cup of tea would be nice.