Why do WE accompany all our viewings? The answer to that question is simple really, we want to deliver more results to our clients, we want to guarantee we can achieve the very best price the market will pay for their house, and in my humble opinion, one of the very best ways to ensure that happens is for us to accompany all the viewings.

So what difference does it make, I hear you ask? Well that’s easy – we British are very polite people (generally speaking) and when a buyer goes to a house and meets the owner they will be charm personified and tell them all the wonderful things they think the seller wants to hear. How many times have you left a seller with the opinion that you love their house, yet in reality you couldn’t see yourselves living there at all!!! However, if we show prospective purchasers around your home we are highly trained in getting the very best from every opportunity. We are specifically trained to help people see exactly how they can live within the four walls they are seeing. Not all of us are visual people yet the very nature of a viewing is that people need to visualise how their lifestyle can fit into new walls – we are experts at making this happen and helping people see the value in what they see, ultimately allowing them to understand the value with both their heart and their head.