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Diary of an Estate Agent – 17 – 23 March 2014


I’ve renamed Monday – Deal Day, but only because offers are coming flying in from some of the many viewings we did over the weekend.  One particularly great example was a house that had been on the market with another agent for many months, we put it up in price by £10,000 and photographed it and marketed it in our own unique style and hey presto, multiple interest from different buyers and one very happy client.


Did a viewing today at the only house we currently have for sale that I would genuinely buy myself. My favourite house of all time (well, almost), St Josephs Chapel in Tiddington. This is a totally unique building which I fell in love with the first time I entered.  Sadly, it’s not one I can buy just now but will happily sell it to someone else to look after until I can buy it in a few years’ time!  Fortunately, the interested buyer is a client of mine, now she’s a self-confessed serial mover and will probably move again in a few years’ time, at which point I’d better make sure I’m in a position to buy it.


We have a saying in our office ‘You Snooze You lose’.  Whenever one of the team come up with this statement it always makes me smile. . . If a buyer is prepared to dilly dally, as my old grandmother would have said, then you won’t always get what you want.  The reality is that when the market is as busy as it is right now then the opportunity to take as much time as you wish to make a decision is not going to work in your favour.  Sellers are interested in committed buyers who can and will show some enthusiasm for the house they want to buy.


When is a project not a project?  Well, this could illicit multiple answers but the reality is, if you don’t see how you can add any improvements then it won’t be a project.  What is a project to one man or woman is another thing entirely for someone else.  The joy of what we do is that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.  One particularly great ‘project’ we have on the market at present is at Great Alne, the house dates back to 1937 and would really benefit from someone with a bit of vision to turn it into their dream family home – perhaps your very own Grand Design?  The choice is yours.


A new client brings us the key to his late mother’s house, another place to be sold at Old Town Mews.  I know this is very much a favoured location being so close to town and yet with fabulous access to the Greenway.  Someone once said to me these are the only houses closest to town where you have both parking and a garage. Well I’m not sure it’s quite the closest to town, that will depend on the point in town you might take it from but the relevance is, these are one of very few houses with off street parking and garages.  We’re about to launch one if you’re interested.


Traffic around the towns can be a bit of a challenge on a weekend, whether its Solihull, Warwick, Stratford or Banbury – the challenges are always the same, how to get our Viewing Agents around from one place to another in the best time, usually this means avoiding the worst of the traffic build ups we can – this is often a logistical challenge, especially as once we start booking viewings in we have no idea how it will all pan out.   Somehow, it all seems to work out and we manage do over 20 viewings without a hitch.

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