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A rip roaring start to the Autumn season


I love this time of year.  Not only do I love Autumn itself, with the cooler temperatures, often still plenty of sunshine, the leaves are all changing colour on the trees and the light takes on quite a magical quality whilst there is a distinctive difference to the air that we breathe.


What is also happening at present is a vast quantity of viewings taking place – in fact these are unprecedented numbers for September already, we actually did the same number of viewings in the first half of September as we did for the whole of last September – that’s quite some doing, especially when you realise how busy last September was.


Couple this with a high level of valuations, again we completed the same number of valuations by the middle of the month, as we did for the whole of last September. 


So what does this tell us about the market?  Well, undoubtedly people want to move house and many are obviously looking to do this prior to Christmas (yes, I can mention the ‘C’ word now its September) but  there is a wider trend going on which seems to me that people are looking for that something special.  Whereas once, they would sell a house just to move up the property ladder, now people just want to live in a house they can be proud of and that fits in with their current lifestyle. 

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